Not sure how to write a business plan that appeals to investors or lenders? Or perhaps you don’t have the time? Is it too important a task to get wrong? 

My name is Steve Roche and I have written 100s of business plans for all types of UK businesses over the course of the last 19 years

A business plan is a hugely important document – it’s your passport to turning your business dream into a reality.

How my skills and experience helps me to write business plans 


  • I was as a Director of a multiple award-winning business that went from zero to being worth over £1m within 4 years. I have also worked as a start-up consultant for over 50 businesses. This means that I don’t write plans as a theorist – I know what it takes to succeed in business.


  • I am an author, an ex-journalist and copywriter plus I have trained in financial modelling. This means that I have the knack of knowing how to sell the value of a business proposition in words, numbers and visually. I look for the story and enhance that in the business plan with logic, emotion and robust financial forecasts.


  • I have built up a large network of associates and contacts over the years who I work with including investors, lenders, marketing experts, entrepreneurs, senior-level managers, lawyers and accountants.  

There is no one else we would ask to write a business plan for one of our clients. Steve is who we turn to each and every time. – Strategic Business Mentoring

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