Brain Fitness Expert

Bringing Out Your Brain's Brilliance

The main focus of what I do is what I call brain fitness. I lead, instruct and coach people to:

  • brain fitness logoawaken their genius by thinking in advanced ways
  • be guided by their feelings
  • heal their emotional pains
  • tune into the deeper part of themselves in order to discover their innate talents, overcome their challenges and to live out their purpose

I have worked in similar fields previously and have spent many years studying both modern and ancient approaches. I am the author of books on the subject and operate a business called Head, Heart & Soul that works in this area.


Training, Coaching & Publishing

I run Head, Heart and Soul which is a pioneering company that teaches all aspects of brain fitness to businesses, schools and individuals. Find out more.


I have formed a non-profit organisation called Wellspring Education which is committed to identifying and spreading the word about better ways of teaching and learning. We are also planning to open a pioneering new school called Flourish Academy in 2018.  Find out more.

eSafety Trainer

Protechtion is an organisation I founded which researches and teaches eSafety and ways that technology can improve the mental and emotional well-being of young people. Find out more.


tmm-book-largeI am the author of four books:

  • The MultipleMind Method
  • Feel Better
  • Feel better 3DInternet and Technology Dangers
  • The Power of Masterminding

Find out more.


The Ideas Wizard new

I always have a headful of ideas and have been called the Ideas Wizard!

I am a creative problem solver and love generating, developing and making ideas happen.

My creativity and innovation ventures and projects include: