Are you one of the millions of people with an unfinished book on your computer? I can help you to finally get it written and published.

I have been a ghostwriter of non-fiction material since 2002. In that time, hundreds of clients from a very wide range of backgrounds and fields have come to me to write on their behalf. They either didn’t have the time, were unsure about the quality of what they had already done or felt they didn’t have the ability to do it themselves.

The way it works is that I am hired to author books, speeches, articles, blog posts, reports and white papers and my writing work is officially credited to my client or another person.

I am good at probing and clarifying and then producing easy-to-understand, concise, straightforward, inspiring and compelling words. I have a proven ability to gather, research and distill information.

I work in a very collaborative way.

  • We meet initially or have a conversation on the telephone.
  • I dig deep with lots of questions. I challenge and seek to evaluate and get to the heart of your thinking.
  • I can either work from your first draft or produce what you need from scratch.

So if you’re suffering with writer’s bock or ‘blank screen syndrome’ there’s no need to struggle any longer. I can help.