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Brain Circles: Collaboration Training

brain-circles-pageSoar to success easily and effortlessly – by effectively borrowing other peoples’ brains

None of us are perfect. Nine out of 10 of the answers you need to get to where you want to go to are in the heads of other people right now. So to succeed we need to learn how to truly collaborate. But this is not a subject we are effectively taught when we are young.

Brain Circles is our powerful approach that we teach as a 2-day Workshop for getting the people in your teams really working together. It is a model for building and managing collaborative groups and is based on ancient wisdom, the findings of academic research and genuine case histories. It is a set of 14 attitudes and aptitudes for connecting and coordinating brainpower that will enable any group to collaborate effectively. The principles include clarity, diversity, equality, amiability and impartiality.

This is not your standard team building programme, because that rarely works. There is an art and a science to collaboration. Collaboration is an often used word in business, but it’s seldom seen.


  • Get your staff fully engaged.
  • Reduce conflict.
  • Achieve ‘oneness of mind’.
  • Tap into the ideas, experience, energy, and abilities of your whole team.
  • Run productive meetings.
  • Run successful projects.

Course format

A 1-Day Workshop that is delivered either in-house for companies and organisations.

Trainer & Facilitator

Steve Roche, Author of the books The Power of Masterminding and The MultipleMind Method.

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