I am the author of three books in my own name and I have ghostwritten another 12 titles.

The MultipleMind Method: The 7-Step Process for Solving Problems and Generating Eureka Ideas

The MultipleMind Method will show you how to think like a creative genius. Based on extensive research, the book shows you how to come up with original and valuable ideas.

Internet and Technology Dangers: The Wake Up Call Every Parent Needs

A guide for parents for whom the Internet, video games and mobile phones are foreign territory. Internet and Technology Dangers provides the help that parents need to safeguard the mental, emotional and physical well-being of their children.

The Power of Masterminding: How to Soar to Success Faster and More Easily

Would you like to find out how to apply the secret that great achievers such as Thomas Edison and Bill Gates used to accomplish their success? Discover how to plug your brain into the minds of others and benefit from their ideas, experience and abilities.