Advanced Thinking Skills

An inspiring 5-hour seminar where you will learn powerful thinking techniques used by the masters.

By using your brain better you will become 100% more effective at doing your job.

Technique 1: The Productivity Principle

  • Get as much done in two hours as you currently get done in two days

Do you achieve very little each day because of interruptions, emails and an inability to concentrate? You will learn a simple yet powerful way to think which enables you to stay focused and remain productive at work… no matter what is going on around you.

Technique 2: Professional Problem Solving

  • Become an expert at fixing the things that are going wrong at work

Most of what we do at work involves solving problems of one sort or another. But were you ever taught the expert way to fix any problem? You will learn how to become a genius at coming up with solutions and generating original and valuable new ideas.

Technique 3: Meetings of Minds

  • Get more out of your business meetings by having dialogues instead of conversations

Communication problems are the single biggest area of difficulty at work. You will learn an ancient approach to thinking which will enable you to talk and listen to other people during meetings in a way which breaks down barriers and opens up the mind.

Technique 4: The Mind Massage

  • You perform at your absolute best when your brain is relaxed

You cannot think properly when you are stressed. But by getting your brain ‘into the zone’ you can take what you achieve to another level. Learn a wonderfully relaxing way to eliminate feelings of stress any time you need to at work in just a couple of minutes.