“That introduction changed my life. We went on to build a £60m business before selling to Carphone Warehouse.” – Bobbie Bhogal, e2save

“Working with Steve has been educational, stress-free and uplifting. I needed a well-written professional business plan with clarity for investors to see and most importantly have all their questions answered. Steve delivered and exceeded my expectations. His attention to detail cannot be questioned as every stone was fully examined in my sector. I highly recommend Steve.” – Kwabena Dondor, GrubADeal

“I first met Steve back in 2000 when I was setting up my business. All these years on from first meeting Steve, we are a growing, award-winning and profitable company with 27 employed staff plus an Associate team. Steve’s greatest strengths are his ability to inspire and give you the courage to make the leap and his knack of being able to look at ideas and work with you to find the markets to support their fruition. Steve helped us to research the market, find the challenges and opportunities and supported us in developing the strategy to follow through.” – Elaine Bousfield, Xenzone

“We knew we had the wrong company name for one of our startup businesses and couldn’t figure out a name that would fit. Steve took us through a very structured 1 hour creative process which was just phenomenal and gave us more clarity. Then he said sleep on it and let the subconscious mind takeover. He was right, the ideas kept coming and coming. The perfect name came to us within a couple of days. No-one in the UK knows more about generating ideas and then starting a business than Steve Roche.”  – Mac Attram, #1 International Bestselling Author (Face It & Fix It) and Founder of MindSpace Business Growth

“I first met Steve in 2000. All I had back then was the germ of an idea for an Internet business that was before its time. Steve encouraged me back then to believe it could one day work. He stayed in touch through the difficult periods offering ideas and answering questions that no-one else I knew could answer. All these years later we have a thriving online family business with 25,000 satisfied customers.” – Graham BrooksCakes Next Day

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