Business Consultant

Business Consultant

Is your organisation like Stressco? Too many problems? In chaos? Stressed out managers and staff?

Strategies, ideas and tactics for creating and building a thriving business

For 18 years I have served as either a consultant to or as a Director of hundreds of UK small to mid-sized businesses across a wide range of industries. I also previously worked as an Internet startup consultant in the dotcom boom years of the late 1990s and as a Business Process Re-engineering consultant in the mid-1990s.

My areas of expertize are brain fitness, communication, marketing, technology and creativity.

Put into the right environment, any plant, animal or person will thrive. The same is true for businesses. When the ‘vibe’ is healthy, any business can flourish. My specialty is in diagnosing and fixing businesses where the ‘vibe’ within the business is unhealthy.