Business Plan Writer

Business Plan Writer

I will write a plan to raise the money you need but, as importantly, I will inspire and enable you to achieve your business dreams.

“That introduction changed my life. We went onto to build a £60m business before selling to Carphone Warehouse.” – Bobbie Bhogal, e2save

Most business plans are written for only one reason. To raise money. I do that. But that’s not doing the job thoroughly enough in my opinion.

I write business plans that are also practical and flexible using a process I call Business Plotting. They serve as road maps that enable entrepreneurs to be one of the 1 in 20 businesses that will still be successful in 5 to 10 years from now.

  • I aim to be more than just a standard business plan writer. What I always try to do is to inspire and enable my clients to achieve their business dreams with my knowledge, connections, enthusiasm, creativity, confidence, my communication skills and my highly collaborative way of working. 
  • I approach writing business plans in a very thorough, conscientious and creative way. I am an expert-level Internet researcher and I make sure that every base is covered by working my way through 100-point checklist of questions.

The business plan that I write will enable you to raise the finance you need and will be your road map for getting you where you want to get to with your business. Most business plans are filed away and never looked at again after the finance has been raised. Not so with the business plans I write.

I am partnered with one of the most experienced corporate finance professionals in the UK. He has been raising money for clients for almost 40 years. So once the business plan is complete, I can put you in touch with him.

“There is no one else we would ask to write a business plan for one of our clients. Steve is who we turn to each and every time.” – Strategic Business Mentoring

“I first met Steve back in 2000 when I was setting up my business. All these years on from first meeting Steve, we are a growing, award-winning and profitable company with 27 employed staff plus an Associate team. Steve’s greatest strengths are his ability to inspire and give you the courage to make the leap and his knack of being able to look at ideas and work with you to find the markets to support their fruition. Steve helped us to research the market, find the challenges and opportunities and supported us in developing the strategy to follow through.” – Elaine Bousfield, Xenzone

“Working with Steve has been educational, stress-free and uplifting. I needed a well-written professional business plan with clarity for investors to see and most importantly have all their questions answered. Steve delivered and exceeded my expectations. His attention to detail cannot be questioned as every stone was fully examined in my sector. I highly recommend Steve.” – Kwabena Dondor, GrubADeal

Giving birth to a business is one thing. Getting it through the difficult ‘toddler’, ‘teenage’ and ‘young adult’ stages through to maturity is quite another. The business environment is fast changing. So I write a new type of business plan. My business plans are continuously updateable. The idea is to help you to plot the most efficient route and deal with the likely obstacles on the way to your intended destination.

Your Money-Back Guarantee

I want you to be completely satisfied any time I work with you. For this reason I always offer a no strings attached, money-back, satisfaction guarantee. Let me know if at any time you are not happy with any aspect of my work. I will pull out all the stops to put things right. If you then still feel dissatisfied, I will fully refund you for that aspect of the project. All you have to do is ask.

What I do

I work in a very collaborative way.

  • We meet initially or have a conversation on the telephone.
  • I dig deep with lots of questions. I challenge and seek to evaluate the business concept and get to the heart of your thinking.
  • I am an expert-level Internet researcher, so then I get to work filling in the gaps and searching for evidence to support any assumptions made.
  • Next, we write the plan together. I call this process collabowriting.

Each plan is customized in terms of tone and content to the client and its intended audience – that is, either an investor or a lender.

A typical finished business plan will include sections such as Executive Summary, Management Team, Financial Forecast, Products and Services, Company Vision, Values, Purpose & Mission, Strategy, Marketing, Competitive Edge, SWOT Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Target Market, Milestones, Sales Process and Web Plan Summary.

Finally we create an plan to get the business through from birth to the ‘toddler’ stage of its lifecycle. This stage of a business presents very unique challenges so it’s vital to think through the problems that will need to be dealt with once the finance is raised. They include cash flow issues, juggling all the things that need to be done by a few members of staff and the need to create systems so that the business delivers what it promises.

What I don’t do

I will not write the whole plan for you. That’s not because I’m lazy. It’s because if I do all the work, you will not get the incredible benefits of the thorough thinking that is needed to crystallize an idea into a comprehensive document.

The plan will be missing something if you don’t help to write it. Think you can’t write? Everyone can write. I will get you through writer’s block.

So if you still want someone to write the whole plan for you, then there are other companies that can help. But be aware that a savvy investor will know if a plan has been written by someone else. They need to be convinced that you know your business from back to front.

So the bottom line is that you won’t raise the money you need if you hire someone to write the whole plan for you.

Other ways I help

  • Protecting your idea.
  • Market intelligence and insights into market trends.
  • Design, creative and technology services.
  • Building a product prototype, including software prototypes and 3D models for physical products.
  • Objective feedback.
  • Putting you in touch with potential investors.
  • Improving your idea or technology.
  • Keeping your feet on the ground yet also encouraging you to keep going until you succeed.

Prices & Timescales

Every start-up business plan is different. The price and timescales will depend on:

  1. How much work you have already done – that is, research, writing and financials
  2. How much finance you are aiming to raise
  3. The level of detail you need for your plan

The price range is £1,200 to £3,400. Turnaround times from the initial meeting are typically 3 to 6 weeks.